Six Sigma Yellow Belt Bundle (17.15 Hours)


The Six Sigma Yellow Belt bundle includes five courses pertaining to Six Sigma Yellow Belt.


The Six Sigma Yellow Belt bundle includes five courses pertaining to Six Sigma Yellow Belt.  (17.15 hour healthcare bundle)

Analyze (3.75 hours): This course introduces common Lean tools that can help when carrying out business process improvement. The course covers how to use some common tools that Six Sigma has adapted from Lean, such as 5S and value stream mapping, and more!

Define (2.65 hours): This course discusses how to capture the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Business feedback, and how to capitalize on the information they provide. The course also covers the project selection process that enables a Six Sigma team to decide which projects to pursue and what methodology to use to best effect.

Improve and Control (2.5 hours): Learners explore common Lean Six Sigma control tools used in business process improvement projects, such as control plans. Additionally, course participants learn about control charts, how they are developed, and how they are used to monitor process performance. The course addresses why documentation is so important to maintaining process control.

Measure (3.75 hours): This course covers concepts and basic methods for measurement system analysis and GR and R studies. It aligns with the ASQ Body of Knowledge and assists Yellow Belt candidates in achieving certification.

Six Sigma Fundamentals (4.5 hours): Course participants learn about Six Sigma and its methodology, and then explore Lean and some key tools and how they integrate with Six Sigma. Six Sigma and Lean are business process improvement methodologies.

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