Diversity and Communication in the Workplace (8.25 Hours)



The Diversity and Communication in the Workplace bundle includes five different courses pertaining to communication and diversity in the workplace (8.25 hours).

Communicating Tactfully and Diplomatically (1 hour):The course covers communicating with diplomacy and tact to inspire confidence, preparing to communicate a difficult message with a successful outcome, developing a diplomatic approach to difficult conversations, navigating difficult conversations and situations, communicating a difficult message effectively, writing diplomatic and tactful e-mails, and handling angry and manipulative coworkers.

Cross-Cultural Communication (1 hour): The course covers the importance of taking culture and diversity into account in the workplace, aspects of cultures that affect communication across cultural boundaries, and considerations for speaking and writing across cultures.

Diversity on the Job (1 hour): This course focuses on what diversity is and how to leverage the diversity within the organization. The course explores the barriers, such as unconscious bias, that must be overcome to create a diversified and inclusive working environment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (3.75 hours):The course focuses on defining diversity, equity, and inclusion and advancing impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the workplace. Learners recognize key characteristics of DEI and practices for building and sustaining a healthy DEI culture.

Working with Difficult People (1.5 hours): The course focuses on the benefits of engaging the workforce and establishing a positive work culture. Participants learn to recognize common qualities of engaged employees, understand what drives employee motivation, and recognize commitment challenges.

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